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​What can you do with my app?

  • Calculate your total cost of owning a home

  • Estimate the minimum down payment you need

  • Calculate Land transfer taxes and the available rebates

  • Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow

  • Stress test your mortgage

  • Estimate your Closing costs

  • Compare your options side by side

  • Search for the best mortgage rates

  • Email Summary reports (PDF)

  • Use my app in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese

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Used by 800,000+ Canadians to make smarter financial decisions.


Use industry qualifying rules and the 2018 stress test to accurately calculate the maximum loan you can borrow


In seconds calculate Land Transfer Taxes and first-time home buyer rebates no matter where you are in Canada


Search, filter and browse the most up-to-date and "real" interest rates for all kinds of mortgage scenarios.


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